5 Reasons Why Adventures Are Good For All Age Groups

For more than a decade now, we have been planning Nova Scotia adventure vacations for people across all age groups and starting next season will have international packages on offer. Adventure travel isn’t just for yuppies! Here’s why we believe adventure tours are for everyone – including feisty seniors. •    Hiking keeps your mind sharp: [...]

Trekking And Hiking In Iceland

Eco –tourism is a fun way to preserving the environment. And after ten years of providing eco-friendly Nova Scotia vacations, we have decided to expand our tour offerings to places outside Canada. The secret to success, as someone said, is taking a road that’s less traveled. With a little over seven people per square kilometer, [...]

Expanding Our Horizons: Exploring Ecotourism Opportunities Outside Canada

It has been almost ten years since we started offering ecotourism-oriented Nova Scotia vacations. And what a momentous journey it has been! Over the years, we have helped thousands of tourists from across the world appreciate nature’s bounty in this beautiful province of ours. We’ve also done our bit to conserve the ecosystem by educating [...]

5 Fall Must Do’s In Cape Breton, Nova Scotia

Fall is my favorite season – it’s like nature has thrown in a huge box of crayons everywhere. And the best place to witness this riot of colors is Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. If you are planning on a weekend trip, here’s a list of things to do in Cape Breton during the fall: • [...]

The Blue Mountain Birch Cove Debate: Wilderness Wins

It was a decisive, though not final victory for Halifax residents and environmentalists, when the regional council voted against planning for development. The road ahead isn’t easy – especially when you aim to create a 1,619 hectare park in the middle of a city. What’s Happening With The Blue Mountain – Birch Cove: The Blue [...]

3 Reasons Why I Love Nova Scotia!

Did you know that Nova Scotia is the size of the entire country of Denmark? And yet, it’s the second smallest of Canada’s 10 provinces! Why do I love Nova Scotia? Who wouldn’t love a place that offers endless ocean views and stunning mountain vistas simultaneously? There’s plenty to do – go kayaking or hiking [...]